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Hear what people say...

Carolyn is a wonderful person, practitioner and an incredibly valued member of the CK Therapy team. Carolyn started working with me as a compassionate partner in September 2022 and has been an asset ever since. Carolyn is a kind, warm and deeply empathetic individual who puts every client at the forefront of her practice.


She has a wealth of experience. Carolyn works within in areas which can be incredibly difficult to navigate for both client and practitioner including bereavement and self-harm with admirable ability.


I have always received deeply positive feedback from clients who have worked with Carolyn noting her attention to detail, skills in psychoeducation and ability to support when no one else has. For instance when working with young people Carolyn finds games that are of interest to the young person and utilises these to help the young person to feel safe, heard and use the game to explore themes of therapy that might be difficult for a child to understand without this.


I couldn’t recommend Carolyn enough.

Catherine Kniveton, Psychotherapist and Managing Director of CK Therapy

Carolyn has been working with our school for over a year, providing bespoke individual 1-1 sessions of psychotherapy. Our students all have a diagnosis of autism and have additional complex mental health needs.


Carolyn puts considerable thought into developing trusting relationships with students, ensuring students feel safe and comfortable when working with her. Carolyn’s work makes a clear difference to our young people and gives them time to express themselves in a relaxed way, using the communication methods that work for them, so that they feel able to discuss their thoughts and feelings.


Carolyn is also very clear about confidentiality and safeguarding and will liaise, as appropriate, with key members of the senior leadership team. Carolyn also provides support recommendations for staff who work with the young people so they can continue the therapeutic approach during school time.

Head of School, Independent specialist school.

I started seeing Carolyn around 18 months ago for anxiety in social situations and to help navigate university. From our first session together, I felt comfortable enough to be myself and fully relax.  Carolyn has been instrumental in my learning how to untangle and make sense of my thoughts and feelings and accept my true self. Embarking on my therapy journey was possibly the best decision I've made and has changed my life in the most beautiful way. Thank you so, so much to such a wonderfully kind and knowledgeable person!

Female university student

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